Nationwide inspections, giving you the full picture on your project progress.

Monitoring Project Sites

The Hasz Companies provide lender-based inspection services to meet your individual needs for construction projects. Our inspections feature captioned photos and detailed percentage reports throughout all the stages of construction. From beginning to end, we are here to provide you with quality inspections for your construction projects. We offer various types of inspections, including construction progress inspections and collateral asset inspections.

Routing System

Our routing system makes sure every project is reached on a regular bimonthly basis.


Our inspectors schedule meetings with the GC on-site and proceed to record interior and exterior pictures of what trades and materials are present as the construction progresses.

Inspection Reports

The information gathered on-site is relayed to our administration team to be processed. We then provide you with an inspection report featuring completion percentages for each line item and captioned photographs.

How it Works

Our Approach

We offer various inspections systems nationwide. Each inspection system is thoroughly suited to our Lender’s needs.

Construction Progress Inspections

Projects in progress need thorough inspections to ensure the Lender is fully informed on the progress and allocation of funds. During construction progress inspections, our team:

  • Conducts progress inspections of construction projects.
  • Scores construction cost breakdown for an increase in construction progress, line item by line item.
  • Reviews job site and takes pictures of current progress that has taken place since the last inspection.
  • Takes note of all site conditions, job progress, staff on-site, and materials stored.
  • Relays information to main office in preparation for delivery to Lender.

Collateral Asset Inspections

After construction is completed, maintaining the value of your investment is an important factor of any project and Hasz is here to help. During collateral asset inspections, our team:

  • Conducts annual inspections of properties requested by Lenders.
  • Contacts the owner of the property to set up the inspection date for a walkthrough with the owner’s representative.
  • Takes pictures of assets along with comments on the condition of the property.
  • Relays information to the main office in preparation for delivery to Lender

Always Careful Inspections

Our inspection team reviews cost breakdowns and blueprints to make sure their reports cover the necessary areas and usage of materials. We cover both internal and external conditions, as well as work done by laborers.

Verify Appropriate Fund Use

Inspection reports cover completion percentages line item by line item and are synched with Disbursement Spreadsheets. This allows our Disbursement Officers to verify funds are being used and disbursed accurately and appropriately.

Reports Relayed to Lenders

As the Lender, we make sure you receive all detailed reports related to your project for your records.


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