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The Hasz Companies have been successfully guiding Lenders, Borrowers, and General Contractors through the construction fund control process for over 30 years. We provide comprehensive service to our clients, along with the professionalism and expertise to ensure a continuous level of excellence throughout each project.


Our team uses inspection and fund disbursement systems together to track your project’s construction progress and securely manage your funds. This comprehensive service provides you with the full picture.

How It Works

You set up your project with us and we take care of the rest with cost breakdowns, detailed inspection reports, and fund management all while providing you with accessible online records.

Our Services

Lender-based systems, each one suited to your project needs.


Disbursement of project loans between Lender and Borrower/GC.


Ground inspections with reports featuring photos and progress percentages.

Cost Analysis

Cost analysis and beakdown of materials and labor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What paperwork is needed to set up a new job?

  1. Job Request Form.
  2. Copy of Cost Breakdown
  3. Set of Blueprints
  4. *Copy of Appraisal if costing services are required

How often are disbursements provided?

We provide two disbursements per month. For projects set up under our voucher program, funds are drawn twice per month but voucher payments are made daily.

How long does it take to fund a disbursement request?

5-7 days to process it and have the funds deposited into an escrow account or have the checks mailed.

How do subcontractors and suppliers actually get paid?

Under our voucher program, upon funding of the draw by the lender, the general contractor forwards the vouchers to the payees. The payees sign the voucher and sends it to us. We write the check and mail it directly to the payee.

Under our ZBA and Class A systems, the checks are written by the owner and forwarded to us. We approve the draw and forward the draw to the lender. Once the draw is funded the checks are mailed to the various payees.

Can the cost breakdown be changed after the project has started?

We have procedures that provide the opportunity to modify the budget by reallocation. These cost breakdown change requests are forwarded to and approved by the lender. The lender then notifies us to modify the budget.

What happens if the owner wants to make a change to the project during construction?

We have procedures to monitor Change Orders and these changes must be approved by the lender. The source of funds for Change Orders is determined by the bank and appropriate deposits are made.

How are reimbursements handled?

Reimbursements are made payable to the person who made the original payment. A copy of the paid invoice and a proof of payment document such as an unconditional release or cancelled check is attached either to a voucher or is included in the draw documentation for our ZBA or class A systems.

How are material deposits handled?

Customary deposits for specific trade items are handled through the normal voucher or draw process. Note: Deposits should not be paid to contractors in advance of labor to be performed. Contractor labor is paid upon completion of any given phase of billing.


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