Cost Analysis – A Crucial Component.

The report’s purpose is to study the construction documents without bias and determine if the proposed construction project can be completed according to the plans and specs, budget, timeline, and materials as presented by the general contractor.  We analyze the construction documents that include architectural drawings, renderings, and plot maps.

Method of Cost Analysis by Chuck Hasz Enterprises, Inc (CHEI)

Chuck Hasz developed a method of analysis almost 40 years ago and over the years it has proven to be accurate and trustworthy.  Using our internally developed historical critical method, we compare similar projects to assess true historical and recent values and compare them to the current project’s budget.

Our proprietary method also includes:

Cost Segmentation

Identifies the overall scope of work involved in a construction/renovation project.  Reviews the construction documents to confirm that the cost estimates are correct to ensure that the project is completed within anticipated time and proper funds allocation.

Material Breakdown

Details the materials, supplies, equipment, and overhead costs to be incurred to complete the project.  Confirms the estimates of the resources for the work to be performed based on the specific deliverable specifications.

The Cost Analysis Report

The final report provides a comprehensive breakdown of the project and notes any variances.  The reports are limited in scope, as we are not engineers at CHEI, but our experience assists our lenders in making a decision whether or not the projections are accurate and that the project can be built according to the plans.

Don’t let costs hinder your project

With Hasz, you have the confidence that our cost analysis provides the accuracy of data your project needs to succeed.


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